Delivering Superior Products, Competitive Pricing,
and World-Class Customer Service

TrillaMed, LLC is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) that is owned and operated by three combat veterans who served as US Army Airborne Rangers. TrillaMed specializes in providing world-class medical materiel and MRO (Maintenance, Repair, and Operations) supplies to the Department of Veterans Affairs, Department of Defense, and other Government agencies. Driven by a military ethos of service and precision, we focus on our dual mission of providing world-class products and services while growing a firm that employs Vets to serve Vets.

Evolution of a Leader

Our founding partners learned how to plan, build, and lead through numerous successful military missions in Vietnam, South America, and the Middle East as members of various Special Operations Forces and intelligence agencies on behalf of the United States of America.

During their tours of duty, the weight of America’s national defense and the lives of their fellow soldiers helped our founders evolve into skilled planners because, in armed conflict, failure was deadly. They knew how to plan and how to win where the stakes were the highest. So, when the military chapter closed, they used their passion for excellence and focused on providing top-tier planning in order to execute some of the most complicated business transactions in the world.

Having played a critical role in the construction industry for generations, Frank Campanaro’s family helped to guide our founders’ first careful steps into the business world. The team placed all their energies and the lessons they learned from combat behind building a world-class construction company. As a result of consistent and exceptional performance, they were encouraged to step out again into a new sector, medical servicing, which led to the establishment of TrillaMed.

We moved from winning federal construction contracts and building hospitals to being invited by our Federal clients to supply the structures we helped build. As pioneers in the Federal space, we take all we have learned and continue to learn and fuse this knowledge with the knowledge of other industry leaders to provide the very best response to the medical and non-medical material requirements of the Department of Defense, Department of Veterans Affairs, and other Government agencies.

Our Team

TrillaMed’s principal officers, managers, and directors have strong backgrounds in leadership and operations in the U.S. Military, including in Special Operations, as well as a high level of expertise in the medical industry and experience in logistics and business operations.


Frank Campanaro – Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Frank Campanaro, Chief Executive Officer of TrillaMed, LLC, is a former U.S. Army Airborne Ranger and a combat Veteran. Frank’s passion for excellence brings quality service to TrillaMed’s clients and customers, both private and Federal. His advisors consist of retired Flag Officers and respected business leaders from key sectors of industry and commerce.

Frank is a successful builder of relationships and companies. TrillaMed benefits from his direction and commitment as well as the broad and deep institutional Government Contracting experience he has built into the fiber of TrillaMed.

Mr. Campanaro is deeply involved in many Military charities and is a founding member and/or director on the board of numerous organizations including VetPower, Gallant Few, K2 Adventure Foundation, Fallen and Wounded Soldiers Fund (FWSF), and others. He not only moves mountains with his involvement, but he climbs them as well and can be seen with a group of Veterans at the top of Mount Everest.

Mike Kavanaugh – President

TrillaMed President Michael Kavanaugh has managed sales teams for more than 30 years for leading-edge medical equipment companies. As President, Mr. Kavanaugh represents the interests of TrillaMed at upper echelons of the Federal Government as well as within the executive suites of TrillaMed’s vendor partners, ensuring mutually beneficial partnerships are established and maintained on all fronts. With a vast background in capital medical equipment, he possesses advanced healthcare knowledge in numerous clinical areas.

Prior to a career in the private sector, Mike proudly served his country with the 173rd Airborne Brigade in Vietnam and later with the 101st Airborne Division as a member of the elite U.S. Army Ranger program. He achieved Non-Commissioned Officer status before returning to college, earning a business degree from St Louis University.

Mike takes personal responsibility for daily execution of the TrillaMed mission, ensuring only the highest quality medical equipment and products are used by clinicians to deliver premier patient care for all Veterans and active duty military service members.

Martin Sudz – Chief Financial Officer

Martin Sudz is TrillaMed’s Chief Financial Officer. After graduating from the University of Michigan with honors, he gained over 37 years of experience in the medical, healthcare distribution, clinical, and home healthcare fields. Martin served as the Senior Vice President of Sales/Marketing and Customer Service for Corning Clinical Laboratories (at the time, the world’s largest clinical laboratory) where he was responsible for laboratory operations in Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin, Illinois and Indiana, 1,200 employees and $115 million in revenues).

Mr. Sudz also served as the President and Owner of MJS Healthcare Consulting where he was a consultant on healthcare and long-term care for the Teamsters, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, Medicaid (as a board member of their steering committee), and the City of Detroit. He has also been an AXA financial planner and long-term care agent as well as the Trillacorpe Construction Executive Vice-President of Corporate Affairs.

Tejas Smart– Vice President of National Accounts

With TrillaMed since its inception in 2008, Tejas Smart serves as Vice President of National Accounts and Government Contracts. He graduated from Oakland University with Bachelor’s degrees in both Finance and Marketing. As Vice President, he develops and implements strategic sales initiatives for multiple industry-leading OEMs. Tejas works collaboratively with Federal Government contracting teams to structure acquisitions, negotiate pricing, and streamline the purchasing process helping to maximize TrillaMed vendor partners’ market share and shorten sales cycles.

Mr. Smart oversees and manages numerous Federal Government contract vehicles including two Federal Supply Schedules (FSS), two DLA Distribution and Pricing Agreements (DAPA), GSA eBuy platform, VA Strategic Acquisition Center (SAC) Non-Expendable Equipment (NX EQ) Program, E-CAT, Med/Surg Prime Vendor (MSPV) program participation, and others.

Tejas’ commitment to vendor support is only exceeded by his steadfast dedication to servicing the Federal Government customer.

Henry Dietz – Owner

Hank Dietz, a TrillaMed LLC owner, graduated with a civil engineering degree from the United States Military Academy, West Point, New York in 1966, after which he served as an Airborne Ranger Infantry company commander in Germany, a combat advisor to the Vietnamese Rangers in Vietnam, and as an instructor team leader at the Mountain Ranger Camp in Dahlonega, Georgia.

Upon leaving the service, he co-founded Manhattan Company Inc. and related companies in the fields of commercial real estate development, professional services and consulting.

Mr. Dietz has served TrillaMed in various capacities, including Chief Operating Officer and President, and continues to negotiate new supplier contracts. His primary focus as an owner is on steadily improving the capabilities of TrillaMed so that it most effectively meets the medical materiel and product needs of the U.S. Military, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, and other Federal Government agencies

Who We Are
TrillaMed provides the Department of Veterans Affairs, Department of Defense, Department of Health and Human Services, and other Government Agencies with superior brand-name medical and non-medical materiel, the most responsive distribution, and the highest level of customer service.

Company Philosophy:

Although TrillaMed, LLC is a certified Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), we grow our business based on performance, work ethic, dedication, and commitment and not solely because of our SDVOSB status.

On behalf of the 27 million veterans in this country, we truly appreciate the opportunity to work with you to hire as many Vets as possible. Thank you for helping us employ more of the nation’s finest.

Leadership In Action

Good leaders have the ability to bring out the best in their employees. Here at TrillaMed, we are fortunate to have great leaders who not only bring out the best in our company but continue to inspire us to work hard each day. Without them, TrillaMed would not be as successful as it is today.

Frank Campanaro

In addition to building successful corporations, Frank Campanaro is a strong advocate for Veteran mental and physical health and gives back through leading guided activities, like fishing trips, hiking and climbing expeditions, and surfing lessons, for blind, amputee, and otherwise disabled Veterans. With groups of Veterans, Frank has climbed Mount Everest and the seven summits as well as dozens of the most difficult alpine, rock, and ice climbs in the world. He has also surfed with Veterans in Fiji, Ireland, New Zealand, Panama, and Bali. Through his involvement with various Veteran-centered charities, such as VetPower, GallantFew, K2 Adventure Fund, and the Fallen and Wounded Soldiers Fund, Frank inspires positive change in the lives of the people he works with, specifically showing disabled Veterans that they can do anything and climb above seemingly insurmountable, Mount-Everest-sized challenges.

Frank’s leadership on the top of a mountain is the same as in the office; Frank sets an example of true passion and dedication to aim high and give back to important causes.

Read INC. Magazine’s article on Frank here.

Tejas Smart

Tejas Smart’s work with our vendors is vital for our procurement strategy and the work we do every day. Tejas develops and implements strategic sales initiatives for our industry-leading OEM partners and frequently takes part in national OEM sales conferences. Additionally, Tejas oversees and manages two Federal Supply Schedules (FSS), two DLA Distribution and Pricing Agreements (DAPA), GSA eBuy platform, E-cat, High-Tech Medical Equipment (HTME), VA Strategic Acquisition Center (SAC) Non-Expendable Equipment (NX EQ) Program, Medical Surgical Prime Vendor (MSPV) program, and other contracts. Tejas is strongly committed to vendor support, but his steadfast dedication to servicing the Federal Government customer is what allows TrillaMed to step up as a one-stop supplier for any product need. Tejas’s tireless work allows us to live up to our goal of improving clinical outcomes for our nation’s Veterans and Military service personnel.

Martin Sudz

Martin Sudz is the heart of our Detroit office. He is an integral part of our daily office operations, and as a welcoming face in the office, he is important to our vendor relationships, often serving as a personal tour guide for visiting partners and potential partners. Using his experience in the medical, distribution, clinical, and home healthcare fields, Martin ensures that our day-to-day operations run smoothly. Additionally, he oversees our finance and accounting department, ensuring all financial transactions are conducted in strict adherence to DCAA government accounting standards. Martin guides and mentors TrillaMed employees on how to tackle the complexities of Federal contracting—often through a well-crafted anecdote. Through his hands-on leadership and guidance, Martin helps everyone at TrillaMed perform their roles at the highest level, allowing TrillaMed to continue serving Veterans, Active Duty Military members, and civilians through our support of Federal government healthcare facilities.

Mike Kavanaugh

Mike Kavanaugh has a strong presence in Washington lobbying for legislative issues regarding Federal procurement—most notably the Veterans Affairs (VA) Medical Surgical Prime Vendor (MSPV) Program’s pending transition to the Defense Logistics Agency’s (DLA) MSPV catalog. Because the VA and DLA MSPV programs are independent of each other, over 35,000 products on the VA MSPV product list are not currently available through DLA MSPV contracts, and the DLA prime vendor regions do not align with the VA’s VISN regions, which could cause gaps in service to Veterans. On behalf of TrillaMed and the Veterans we support, Mike is fighting for the VA and DLA to resolve these issues in order to deliver the best care and support to our nation’s Veterans.