TrillaMed now provides RapidAI neuroimaging stroke software.

TrillaMed is excited to partner with RapidAI to redefine care for life-threatening neurovascular and vascular conditions, reducing treatment times and improving patient outcomes. The RapidAI stroke portfolio combines advanced imaging and workflow to enable physicians to make faster, more accurate triage or transfer decisions. RapidAI uses artificial intelligence (AI) to extract greater meaning from medical imaging data and to develop tools that ultimately help physicians improve patient care. RapidAI also allows stroke team members to communicate and coordinate patient care every step of the way—from pre-diagnosis through treatment. TrillaMed brings RapidAI to the Federal sector, creating the opportunity to implement RapidAI’s important and life-saving neuroimaging stroke software within healthcare facilities run by the Department of Defense, Department of Veterans Affairs, and numerous other government agencies.